Distribution agreement for the Brazilian electronic gas regulator (ECO-GAS) between Brazil and Japan is signed

At the end of October 2020, our partner and customer Honda Trading Corporation, based in Tokyo, signed the exclusive distribution contract for the entire Japanese territory with Powermig.

An important step in the technological evolution of companies making welding processes more efficient, where together companies it promotes economy and sustainability to its customers.

The “ECO-GAS” Gas Regulator equipment, monitoring and controlling the consumption of shielding gas (carbon dioxide CO2, argon, mixing gas) used for manual or automatic arc welding (MAG / MIG welding), where it performs the automatically adjust the ideal gas flow according to the variation of the welding current.

In addition, it controls the gas flow used at the beginning of the welding, records the cumulative consumption, open arc and quantity of welds performed, thus generating data for monitoring the welding process.

It distributes an average savings of 60% in gas consumption in welding, contributing to the reduction of costs in the manufacture of parts and quick ROI (return on investment).


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